Air Quality Monitors

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  • Qingping – Air Quality Monitor Pro


    The Qingping Air Quality Monitor Pro is an award-winning 5-in-1 air-quality monitor with 3.1 inch HD Retina display. Tracks 5 key metrics: PM2.5, dangerous gases (TVOCs), CO2, temperature, and humidity.

  • Qingping – Air Quality Monitor Lite


    Portable, lightweight air quality monitor so you can see what’s in your air anywhere you go. Measures PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

  • IQ Air – Air Visual Pro


    The AirVisual Pro is an all-round home monitor that measures PM2.5, temperature, CO2 and humidity. Its large display also shows historic data and future forecast. Backed by Smart Air’s open-data tests, the AirVisual’s PM2.5 readings have been shown to be highly accurate.

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