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Kaiterra - Laser Egg

฿4,900.00 (inc. VAT)

The Laser Egg is a handy PM2.5 reader that delivers accurate air quality information anywhere, anytime. The Laser Egg 2 uses laser-based light scattering technology, which can detect particles as little as 0.3μm. Thanks to WiFi connectivity, air quality in your home can be even monitored at a distance. 

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See the unseen with the Laser Egg

The Laser Egg 2 is the world’s most popular air quality monitor providing fast, reliable and highly accurate detection of air pollution.

The Laser Egg 2 gives its readings in real-time; measurements are taken every 0.1 seconds, and air quality can be displayed as PM2.5 concentration, particle counts, and AQI in both US and Chinese standards.

With the Kaiterra app, you’ll also be able to see real time changes on your Laser Egg 2 reflected on your phone in real-time!

Temperature, Humidity and Weather Forecasts

The new Laser Egg 2 provides indoor temperature and humidity readings with extremely high accuracy, as well as a local weather report and forecast (if you connect to Wi-Fi).

Customized Screen Settings; Only Show the AQI US Screen

The Laser Egg 2 can now have customized screen settings so that you can set the display screen to the AQI standard of your choice, re-order screens, hide screens, change the language of the device, or even change the screen brightness. If you only want to see the AQI US screen, now you can. 

Apple HomeKit Feature:

The Laser Egg 2 is the world’s first PM2.5 air quality monitor with support for Apple HomeKit. 

Easy and Secure Pairing: 

With HomeKit support, you can set up your Laser Egg 2 in just a few simple steps using the Apple Home app or or the new Kaiterra app.

Ask Siri about the Air:

Now you can conveniently and securely control and monitor your Laser Egg 2 without needing to touch the appliances after setup — simply ask Siri about the current air quality!

Connect to Other HomeKit Devices:

Connectivity is the foundation of a smart home. The new Laser Egg 2 can be connected to other HomeKit enabled devices such as smart plugs, lighting, window shades and more through scenes or automations. For example, with the Laser Egg 2 and a smart plug, you can set your air purifier to automatically turn on if the PM2.5 levels rise, or turn on a humidifier when the air is too dry.


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