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sqair air purifier in a living room
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sqair air purifier in a living room
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Protect yourself from PM2.5 and other pollutants.



QT3 Air Purifier on White Background

Breathe clean air on the go wherever you are with the QT3 portable air purifier.

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For 40 SQM

The Sqair

Sqai air purifier white background

The Sqair is a genuine hit with over 10,000 units sold in Thailand.

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For 100 SQM

Blast Mini

Having a spacious place? Don’t worry, The Blast Mini has got your back.

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For 150 SQM


The Blast is the best solution for large areas like offices, gyms, and schools.

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PM2.5 Sensors

QP Monitors

qingping air quality sensors on white background

See the unseen and know what’s in the air with PM2.5 air quality monitors.

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Highly Recommended!

“We equipped all our classrooms with air purifiers by WEDO AIR. Good air quality, great service, and punctual delivery.”
Tahireh Thampi
Principal, Magic Years Int. School

Don’t Settle for Bad Air

Thailand’s air pollution is one of the worst worldwide. Especially Bangkok and Chiang Mai are heavily affected. WEDO AIR offers the best air purifiers to keep your home safe from smog.

Our HEPA air purifiers filter PM2.5, dust, smoke, mold, viruses, and bacteria and protect you from dirty air.

skyline of bangkok choked by air pollution