Smart Air – The Sqair Air Purifier

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Covering rooms as large as 40 sqm, the Sqair air purifier is an elegant solution to combat PM2.5 and other airborne threats in Thailand. Its Scandinavian minimalist design and real wood legs will bring elegance to your home, redefining the aesthetics of clean air.

Delivery in Thailand within 2-3 business days!

  • Check Mark Filters 99.5% of pollutants
  • Check Mark Traps PM2.5, pet hair, virus, and bacteria
  • Check Mark 6 months HEPA lifespan
  • Check Mark 1-year warranty
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The Sqair Air Purifier

Clean Air Has Never Looked so Good

Say goodbye to indoor air pollution with Thailand’s chicest air purifier. The Sqair is not only the best air purifier in Thailand but also a style statement for your home, enhancing its look while purifying the air.

More Than 10,000 Units Sold in Thailand

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Cleans 40 sqm in 25 minutes

Powerful Performance, Sleek Design

The Sqair can filter 315 cubic meters of air every hour, making it powerful enough to protect rooms up to 40 sqm from indoor air pollution.

Room Size m²: 20-40 sqm (430 sqft)
CADR m3/hr: 315 (CFM 185)
Speed: 1-2-3 (Mechanical Dial)

Quieter Than the Competition

Less Noise, More Rest

The Sqair stands out for its low noise level, even on the maximum setting. It’s quieter by 12 decibels compared to the widely-used Xiaomi 3H air purifier.

a graphic of the sqair next to a xiaomi 3h air purifier displaying noise difference

HEPA Filter Against PM2.5…

…and many other pollutants

The Sqair’s H12 HEPA filter traps up to 99.5% of pollutants on the first pass, ranking it among the top-performing air purifiers in effectiveness.

pm2.5 air pollution in bangkoks skyline
Virus particles on black background
Bacteria particles on black background
a cat emitting pet hair
Pet Hair
mold spores on wood

HEPA filter lifespan: 6 months

Add Carbon For Max Protection

Filter Chemicals and Odors

You can boost the Sqair’s performance with an optional Carbon filter, perfect for absorbing chemicals (TVOCs) and clearing out smells.

a selection of paints on a table
a woman covering her nose from smells
a selection of cleaning materials in a bathroom
a glass full of chemicals in a lab
Pet Hair
a bottle of formaldehyde

Carbon filter lifespan: 3 months

a person inserting a carbon filter into an air purifier

Minimalist Handling

Adjusting Fan Speed is Childsplay

The Sqair air purifier is designed for simplicity and efficiency, avoiding apps, smart features, and flashy LEDs. Its speed dial lets you easily choose among three fan speeds.

Real Wood Legs

Experience Scandinavian Design

The Sqair features real wood legs sourced from sustainable European forests, offering a cozy, home-like vibe while also dampening noise and vibrations.

the sqair in cardboard plastic free packaging

Plastic Free Packaging

Shipped in Biodegradable Cardboard

The packaging for the Sqair air purifier is designed with the environment in mind. No styrofoam, no bubble wrap. Only plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard.


Your Purchase Includes1 × Sqair Air Purifier, 1 × H12 HEPA Filter, 1 × Cord, 1 × Manual
Dimensions (cm)33 x 33 x 37 (L x W x H)
CADR (m3/h)65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)
Noise Level (dB)23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)
HEPA Lifespan6 months (1400hrs, running 8hrs per day)
Power (W)6 – 18 – 38 (low – mid – high)
Power Supply100 – 240V/50-60Hz/Plug Type C
Safety CertificationsTIS 3061-2563 | CE (LVD/EMC/RoHS)
Room Size Up to 40m2 (430 sqft)
Shipping Weight6.0kg
Product ManualDownload here
the sqair air purifier next to its cardboard box


Yes, it does. The Sqair’s HEPA filter is designed to capture all kinds of pollutants – including PM2.5 and even nanoparticles that are 8,000 times smaller than human hair.

Indeed, we offer a 1-year warranty on all our air purifiers. However, replacement filters are not covered under this warranty. If you find a manufacturing defect in your filter, please reach out to us within 14 days of receiving it, and we will provide a replacement.

We ship orders on every business day. Delivery across Thailand ranges from 1-4 business days, depending on where you are located.

Yes, all our air purifiers have been audited and approved by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 40 cm
Room Size

Up to 40m² (430 sqft)

CADR (m3/hr)

65 – 180 – 315 (low – mid – high)

HEPA Lifespan

1400 hours (6 months with 8 hours of daily use)

Noise Level (dB)

23 – 43 – 52 (low – mid – high)

Power (W)

6 – 18 – 38 (low – mid – high)

52 reviews for Smart Air – The Sqair Air Purifier

Based on 132 reviews
  1. MT

    Mike T.

    Fantastic air purifier – simple and effective! Nice design too. No need to buy Blue Air and Sharp. This guy does it too.

  2. JL

    Jenny L.

    The Sqair is easy to use and looks great. I just love that its so simple compared to my other air cleaner

    Image #1 from Jenny L.
  3. CW

    C. Williams

    Great design, but it takes a bit of time to feel the difference in air quality. Thank you Karl for sorting things out for me.

  4. AS

    Annika S.

    Love the Sqair! The design is sleek. Quick shipping was a bonus.

  5. CL

    Chatchai L.

    Good poduct

    Image #1 from Chatchai L.
  6. SB

    Sophie B.

    Aesthetic and functional!

  7. DH

    Derek H.

    Received my Sqair purifier last week. Fast delivery and excellent service. The air feels fresher already!

  8. T


    Effective and stylish, but a little louder than I expected.

  9. GO

    Gareth O.

    The Square has noticeably improved my home’s air quality.

  10. T


    Bought it on a friend’s recommendation. Great design, easy to use, but wish it had a sensor like Xiaomi. You need to buy a separate air quality monitor if you want to stay aware of air quality.

  11. NF

    Nora F.

    Elegant design and does what it promises. I appreciate the fast shipping and friendly customer service.

  12. A



  13. ER

    Elena R.

    Not only does it clean the air, but it also adds a touch of style to the room. Very happy with my purchase!

  14. SS

    Som S.

    i love smart air purifers. the sqair is cheap compared to all the other overpriced brands here in thailand.

    Image #1 from Som S.
  15. OD

    Olivia D.

    Stylish and efficient. I’ve noticed a significant difference in air quality. Thumbs up!

  16. BT

    Benjamin T.

    The Sqair is a decent purifier, but it’s a little noisy. Works well otherwise.

  17. GY

    Grace Y.

    Absolutely love it!

    Image #1 from Grace Y.
  18. LM

    Luis M.

    Sleek design and easy to operate. Fast delivery to Chiang Mai.

  19. NH

    Nisha H

    is ok

  20. JH

    Jason H.

    Effective for small areas, but might need two for larger spaces. The Laser Egg shows not always great readings. Overall, a solid product.

  21. VB

    Violet B.

    Stylish and compact. Bought 2 untis. Fast shipping was a plus.

    Image #1 from Violet B.
  22. KN

    Karl N.

    Really helps with the Bangkok smog. The design is a nice touch. Works well with a separate air quality monitor.

  23. SJ

    Sara J.

    Decent air purifier. Effective but slightly louder than I’d like.

  24. LT

    Leo T.

    Super fast shipping and great customer service. Karl was super fast at responding to my emails.

    Image #1 from Leo T.
  25. HU

    Hannah U.

    Impressed with the design and functionality. A great addition to my home.

  26. MP

    Miles P.

    Simple, effective, and good looking.

  27. IG

    Ivy G.

    Great for my small office space. Noticed an improvement in air quality. Smart Air is a great brand.

  28. OE

    Oscar E.

    The design is fantastic, but the performance is average for its price.

  29. ZC

    Zoe C.

    Absolutely love the design. It’s a functional piece of art lol

  30. BQ

    Bethany Q.

    Works well in my bedroom. Sleek design and not too loud.

  31. KR

    Kevin R.

    Quick delivery and easy setupp

    Image #1 from Kevin R.
  32. JL

    Jamie L.

    Quick delivery and friendly service. The product is good, but could be quieter.

  33. PH

    Ploy H.

    Ideal for my small apartment. Design is a bonus!

  34. N


    dddddddddd 5555

  35. TJ

    Tyler J.

    efficient for its size I guess

    Image #1 from Tyler J.
  36. RK

    Rohan K.

    Looks great and works fine, but expected more features

  37. DK

    Danielle K.

    Stylish and functional, though a bit pricey. Happy with the purchase overall.

  38. EP

    Ethan P.

    Good for small rooms. Fast shipping and excellent customer support. Air in Chiang Mai is terrible.

  39. IM

    Isabella M.

    Perfect for the smog season in Chiang Mai. We bought 5 of these.

  40. CW

    Chloe W.

    Great design, and nice packaging. No plastic. Nice.

  41. NV

    Nathan V.

    Good product, but slightly noisier than expected.

  42. MT

    Mason T.

    Aesthetic, efficient, but a bit noisy. However, customer service was exceptional.

    Image #1 from Mason T.
  43. JV

    Julia V.

    Perfect for the Bangkok climate. Efficient and looks great.

  44. AB

    Aria B.

    Love the design, but it’s a bit louder than I’d like. Works well otherwise.

  45. CH

    Clara H.

    I love how it blends with my home decor. A great investment for clean air.

    Image #1 from Clara H.
  46. NS

    Noah S.

    Great!!! Greetings from Chiang Mai.

  47. W


    Good for the size, but was hoping for more advanced features at this price point. It has not built in sensor for example. And no auto mode

    Image #1 from Winner
  48. AF

    Alex F.

    Excellent design and functionality. does the job

  49. F

    Fabien (verified owner)

    thBangkok, Thailand

    Disappointed. Much more noisy than expected. I bought two Xiaomi that are way more quiet.

  50. G

    Gerrit (verified owner)


  51. DE

    David E. (verified owner)

    Super value! Appreciated by everyone.

    • KV

      Karl von Luckwald (store manager)

      Thank you very much for your great feedback!

  52. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)


    It’s a bit hard to know the exact efficacy of the product because it does not have the indicator of the PM in the room. But it seems to be working. Mode 1 is quiet.

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