The Only Portable Air Purifier You Need!

  • PM2.5 protection while on the move
  • Up to 4 hrs of battery
  • Rechargeable with USB-C
  • 1 Year Warranty


Thailand’s Best Portable Air Purifier for Clean Air on the Go.

Portable Protection Against Air Pollution

Pack in the QT3 to cut through Thailand’s air pollution as you travel. Its powerful HEPA filter captures all major pollutants.

pm2.5 air pollution in bangkoks skyline
Virus particles on black background
Bacteria particles on black background
a cat emitting pet hair
Pet Hair
mold spores on wood

10,000+ Units Sold Worldwide

a young woman on the bed smiling throwing a qt3 portable air purifier in the air

Handy, Lightweight, Cute

The QT3 portable air purifier is easy to carry and gives you clean air while you’re out and about.

Providing Fresh Air Up To 1.2 Meters Away

scientific graph showing qt3 effectiveness

How Effective Is The QT3?

Do you have doubts? That’s normal. We had them too, and that’s why we checked the data.

Lab tests showed that the QT3 filters over 95% of the air right at the outlet. At a distance of 60 cm, the clean air output remains substantial, with air quality being 40% cleaner. Even at 1.2 meters, such as on a desk or bedside table, the air you breathe is still 25-30% purer.

Breathe Clean Air Anywhere, Anytime

Wherever life takes you, fresh air follows suit. The QT3 portable air purifier is going to be your best travel buddy!

qt3 air purifier in a car
Clean air in your car? Easy peasy. Plug it in with a USB-C, and you’re all set to outsmart Thailand’s traffic fumes.
qt3 air purifier in a cafe next to a woman
In Thailand, most eateries lack air purifiers, but with the QT3, you can sip your coffee and breathe in cleaner air.
qt3 air purifier on an office desk
The QT3 sits on your desk doing double duty: purifying your air and fanning you down—office comfort, upgraded.
qt3 air purifier on a night stand next to a bed in a hotel
Take the QT3 on your travels, and check into cleaner air in every hotel room.

Up To 4 Hours Battery

close up of the qt3 portable air purifier with usb c cable in the back
close up of a qt3 portable air purifier of a woman's lap

Cooling Function Included

The QT3 is a two-in-one marvel: a portable air purifier and a handy fan. On clearer days, remove the filter for an even stronger breeze.

3-Month Filter Life Span

The QT3 comes with an H11 HEPA Filter. Replacements come in a bundle for only THB 790. Each filter lasts approx. 3 months and provides full protection against Thailand’s nasty air pollution.

qt3 portable air purifier replacement filters on white background

Tech Specs

Purchase Includes1 × QT3 Air Purifier, 1 × HEPA Filter, 1 × USB-C, 1 × Product Manual
Recommended Maximum Usable Distance1.2 meters
Battery Charge Time (from empty)Approx. 3 hours
Battery life (low–mid–high)Approx. 4–3–2 hours (high-low)
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 37 m³/h (on high)
Coverage Size (m2)~10
HEPA Filter ClassH11
HEPA Filter Life Span 3 months
Noise Level (dB)29 – 34 – 45 (low – mid – high)
Power Consumption9W (high)
Safety CertificationsCE / C-mark / GB 4706.1-2005; GB 4706.27-2008



QT3 Portable Air Purifier


QT3: Small yet mighty portable air purifier with HEPA filter. Traps pollutants effectively. Own it for clean air anywhere. Only THB 1,190!


  • CADR 40 m³/h
  • Total Room Coverage: 10 m2
  • Max. Recommended Distance: 1.2 meters
  • Battery Capacity: 40 hours
  • HEPA Filter H11 (traps PM2.5, virus, bacteria)
  • Filter lifespan: 3 months
  • Cable type: USB-C


Contact channels

If you’re interested in learning more about our product, requesting a quotation, or placing an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us at Line @WEDOAIRTH or give us a call at 080 626 6140

Sukhumvit 55, Soi Thonglor, Bangkok 10110

Over 10,000 Smart Air air purifiers have been sold in Thailand.

Trusted by leading companies

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